Our Purpose

We are on a mission to infect individuals with a team mindset.

Our Values

  • People first.
    • We value relationships above all else.
    • We make decisions and develop our service based on observation and human needs.
    • We think of the team before ourselves.
  • Radiate Energy.
    • We explore the ‘yes’ before jumping to the ‘no’.
    • We are intentional in the energy we radiate and make our presence meaningful.
    • We give our full attention and show our interest.
  • Openness.
    • We avoid falseness.
    • We prioritise collaboration above keeping secrets.
    • We own our mistakes and learn from our failures.

What does it mean to have a ‘Team Mindset’?

  • Considering others.
    • You consider the needs and desires of people other than yourself.
  • Impacting others.
    • You acknowledge that you have influence over others - whether you intend to or not - and you choose to be intentional with that influence.
  • Sharing openly.
    • You see individual vulnerability not as a threat, but as something that makes the team stronger.
  • Embracing the global human team.
    • You expand the concept of who’s on your team to embrace outsiders.
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