The Culture Team System

Your team can’t be put in a box! This is why we apply design thinking with a human-centred approach to create a unique experience for every team.

1. We learn about your team, the challenges they face and the outcomes that they need.

We don’t apply a cookie-cutter to your team, we let their needs shape what the session will become.

When we were figuring out what to do for the session, you heard us and listened to what we needed and you understood. You definitely responded and tailored the offerings that you had to meet our needs. It was a bit last minute, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but you were flexible. We threw out the problems and you offered the solutions, using your experience. - Chloe Harrison, Office for Digital Government SA

2. We select games and tailor a session to suit the team.

We adapt existing games and create new, original games to provide targeted outcomes for your team.

The team at tech startup, Teamgage was overwhelmed by their workload. We created new games to target focus, productivity and teamwork, while alleviating their stress with some fun. This allowed the team to identify some working and communication styles that could be adopted to their daily work life to help economise their workload.

3. We come to your workplace to facilitate a session with our games.

Our unique games create a fun atmosphere for genuine engagement. In our sessions, we deliver relevant, applicable takeaways and ensure they make an impact.

Kelly and Jeff came in and set up the space, so all we had to do was walk in and play. The games allowed us to work together in different formats, under different circumstances, and have a laugh along the way. - Candice Czapla, Australian Red Cross

4. We get out of the way, so that your team can deploy their new capabilities right away.

Why make a fuss when you can make progress?

Part of the experience was that you just came in, you ran the session and you left. It wasn’t this big onerous thing. It was all seamless. It was really, really good. - Chloe Harrison, Office for Digital Government SA

It’s the perfect way to equip the team to tackle any challenge!

Our sessions range from 1-5 hours, 6-50 people, and can include 1-8 games.

Because every team is different, we always like to get to know our customers before recommending a course of action. Contact us today for a chat.

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