Our Story

With backgrounds in business, hospitality and the arts, Jeff and Kelly were drawn to one another’s openness, vibrancy and interest in others when they first met as mature-aged students studying product design at UniSA. A half hour before their very first lecture, Jeff noticed that all of the students were nervously looking at their phones or avoiding each other’s eye contact. Jeff decided to speak up then and there, to engage the students with each other. He put up his hand in a wave and called out “Hey everyone, I’m Jeff, I’m a student like you and I figure we should all get to know one another”. He then gathered everyone up for introductions and discovered the value of early engagement.

Following this, Jeff found great satisfaction leading team building initiatives in his work and extra-curricular studies. He relished in the success of improving relationships between leaders and helping first-year students create new bonds.

Jeff’s achievements resonated with Kelly, who had come from a career in the film industry. On film sets, it was Kelly’s role to balance morale and egos with time management. She found that creating a sense of togetherness through shared purpose and mutual respect was the best way to serve as a leader and deliver the best outcomes as a group. Jeff’s team-building games seemed to fulfil her passions for creativity, teamwork and problem solving, so she proposed that they devote themselves to a business that would encapsulate all of them. The pair determined that their games would pair fun and engagement with meaningful learning experiences.

Culture Team founders, Jeff and Kelly
Test club game testers practice team building in Adelaide

Game development is a problem solving process that pulls together many different disciplines. First, we find out as much as we can about a problem. Then, we research the root of the problem and any existing systems used to solve that problem. The delivery of the games’ outcomes and facilitation of discussion is shaped using psychology and business theory. The game evolves throughout the design process, with rigorous testing. Our group of testers are excited about team building in Adelaide. They meet regularly to help us embrace failure and improve from experience. There have been many people involved in our story so far, we would love for you to be one of them.

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