Symbol Matching

  • 15-30min
  • Cards
  • communication, 
  • fun, 
  • collaboration, 
  • trust

An icebreaker game that challenges players to articulate in creative ways and across communication divides.

We set the challenge of bringing a group of 50 people from ten countries and cultures together to start the team building process in a 45-minute window. I was blown away by the level of engagement of the participants and most importantly how quickly they started to share experiences and build new relationships! A great kick start to our engagement activities!


  • Icebreaking
    • The more people you speak to, the better chance you have of winning. This game is a quick way to encourage interaction en masse. Emphasising the personal communication on the reverse side of the cards allows participants to find common ground and get to know each other better.
  • Clarity of Communication
    • Explaining the symbols on the cards requires some creative articulation. You might explain in one way to a close friend, a different way to a stranger, and a different way again to someone from a different language background to you. This game gets players thinking about how their speech is received by others and how to tailor their message to suit the listener.
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Case studies

When we played this game with different departments within the RAA, players commented on the collaborative push they felt to better themselves and their structures. The game led to excellent teamwork between the departments.

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