Silo Stack

  • 30-45min
  • Toy Building Bricks
  • communication, 
  • fun, 
  • collaboration, 
  • resilience, 
  • trust

Players break out of their silos and collaborate on an impressive structure!

When building the tower everyone got to contribute and we were able to achieve a goal as a team


  • Cross-Team Communication
    • It’s easy to forget when everyone’s working in a different department, or on a different project that we’re all on the same team. We can all be working away, trying to solve the same problem individually and not get very far. We can all be working on separate pieces of the puzzle and not understand our place in it. Or, we can reach out to one another and ensure success for every person involved.
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Case studies

When we played this game with different departments within the RAA, players commented on the collaborative push they felt to better themselves and their structures. The game led to excellent teamwork between the departments.

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