Secret Challenge Card Game

  • 0 - infinity
  • Cards
  • social responsibility, 
  • fun, 
  • self-improvement, 
  • togetherness

We leave all of our participants with this game, to take away and play in their own time. Take the spirit of the session back to your desk. Achieve a secret challenge in your own time and share the challenge with others.

My secret challenge was to say ‘Yes, and...’ in casual conversation. I have smashed this a few times already.


This game is a physical takeaway and each person comes away with something different. Challenges may include doing favours for others, being social, having fun, practicing principles from the session, or exploring lessons further through other sources.

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Secret Challenge Cards

Case studies

There were a handful of staff at AAMI who considered themselves leaders of contribution to a vibrant workplace culture. They sped through their challenges and begun swapping them between one another to see how many they could achieve.

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