Praise Party

  • 15-30min
  • Cards
  • communication, 
  • gratitude, 
  • empathy, 
  • trust, 
  • sharing

Sitting in groups, players practice appreciation as they work through a deck of compliments. For each praise card, every player makes an argument as to who deserves that praise and why.

It was a really great chance to let some people in the office know they are appreciated for everything they do.


  • Genuine Gratitude
    • Players have a chance to speak their truth in a safe and healthy space. Having to justify their reason for praise emphasises the genuineness to the statements.
  • Self-Gratitude
    • This game provides an opportunity to speak up about their hard efforts. It encourages players to back themselves as much as appreciating others.
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Case studies

The staff at the ICC had the opportunity to communicate with one another the genuine appreciation they had for others in the workplace, giving recognition to those who don't always receive it. It was also a chance to learn about the newer members of the community, and hear them celebrate their own efforts.

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