Playdough & Mime

  • 20-45 mins
  • Playdough
  • Mime
  • communication, 
  • trust, 
  • innovation, 
  • teamwork, 
  • productivity, 
  • leadership

Solve a problem with the power of playdough, think about the core them, then present it... but there’s a catch.

The game that bonded me with my team the most and was my favourite game of the session.


Every session is different. This game can open up discussion for numerous different outcomes; some takeaway message include:

  • Genuine Engagement
    • At the end of the exercise, every person is able to explain their idea - they’re even willing to join their team in presenting it as a mime! The way we get this level of engagement right through to the end of a project is to ensure everyone has an equal contribution at the very beginning. Players experience service-leadership through this game.
  • Design Thinking
    • Players go through a process of rapid ideation (divergent thinking), discussion and refinement (convergent thinking) and presentation (testing). It’s a fast paced game to demonstrate the ease in which teams can explore and test ideas in an iterative process.
Ask us about the other outcomes related to this game.

Extension options

  • Custom Problems
    • Teams explore solutions to a real-world challenge that the organisation is facing.

Case studies

South Australia’s Office for Digital Government wanted all of their staff to contribute to their strategic planning day by developing a pitch. To prepare them for the pitch, we played a customised version of Playdough & Mime with them. Teams used playdough to explore a user journey, they mapped out the core needs of the user, and then presented the value-proposition of the ODG from the perspective of that user. The game was so successful, leaders decided, that teams no longer needed to prepare a separate pitch.

See full case study >

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