Hidden Agendas

  • 15 - 30 mins
  • Cards
  • Roleplay
  • empathy, 
  • conflict resolution, 
  • communication, 
  • trust

We can’t possible know what someone else is thinking unless we talk to them about it - but that’s not always possible.

I learnt that we shouldn’t be too quick to judge, and when we feel like something is wrong or off, we should ask instead of assuming.


When someone gives us a reaction we weren’t expecting, it’s easy to assume the worst. This game is about examining the difference between the assumptions we make and the true motivations of the people we’re interacting with. More often than not, the truth will leave us feeling more positive and confident than the reasoning we imagine in our head.

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Extension options

  • Custom Situations
    • Have us tailor scenarios that are relevant to your workplace.

Case studies

We ran a critical thinking workshop for the women in business group, Her Future Moves. Participants who had been apprehensive, stepped out of their comfort zones and came away feeling confident. Some remarked that they had surprised themselves with their initial assumptions and this game helped them to examine their thinking in a new way.

See full case study >

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