Happy Salmon

  • 15-30 mins
  • Cards
  • communication, 
  • fun, 
  • icebreaking, 
  • trust

A simple ultra-fast, very silly card game.

I loved that we just dove straight into the session and didn’t have the awkward intros at the start.


This game can have multiple outcomes, depending on the extension option chosen. The game, at its core, is a great way to start every session. The speed, energy, vocals and physical touch shared between participants breaks down barriers quickly, boosts endorphins, and builds trust.

Ask us about the other outcomes related to this game.

Extension option

  • Selfless mode
    • Two teams compete; the first with original Happy Salmon rules, the second with the ability to behave selflessly. The selfless team always finds a way to be more productive than the players that need something in return.
  • Relay mode
    • We celebrate diversity by making players look outside of their teams for matching handshakes.

Case studies

The Uni SA Business School’s Executive Education Unit had us in for a quick icebreaker session to lift their energy before going in to a big strategy meeting. Happy Salmon was the perfect game to kick this off and the high-energy it created helped the group speed through two more games in a 30 minute session!

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