Cards vs. Conflict

  • 45 - 60 mins
  • Cards
  • conflict resolution, 
  • trust

Players use cards to combat highly challenging circumstances and explore different approaches to reaching the best outcome.


The wonderful thing about this game is how many varied outcomes participants experience. Through discussion, participants come to realise that their first response to conflict may be different to someone else’s - or that it may be a common response that many of us resort to.

Participants explore the difference between how they typically behave when they’re feeling emotional and how they’d prefer to behave if they were being objective. We’ve had numerous participants tell us after a session that they’d realised something about themselves or a situation they were in that they were now able to think about critically.

Every session is different. This game can open up discussion for numerous different outcomes; some takeaway message include:

Ask us about the other outcomes related to this game.

Extension options

  • Close to Home
    • Custom situation cards invoke a deeper level of vulnerability, trust, self-reflection and accountability.

Case studies

When we played this game with the People, Talent and Culture division at the University of South Australia, players remarked on the difference it made when they switched between using one option to respond to conflict, to exploring multiple options in conjunction with one another. It led to an incredible discussion between participants across different groups - a topic that everyone was excited to sink their teeth into.

See full case study >

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