Blue Blue Blue

  • 5 mins
  • Pure Interpersonal Play
  • communication, 
  • conflict resolution

93% of our communication tells others that something is wrong. It takes the last 7% to explain how to fix it.

It was quick, basic, and fun. Everyone could individualise their answer and it allowed everyone to participate.


When we’re upset with someone, they know it. They can tell from our body language and our tone of voice. The only way to work through a conflict is to talk about it openly. Once we do that, it’s much simpler to overcome.

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Blue Blue Blue communication game

Case studies

Many of the students of the Graduate Career Readiness course at Adelaide Uni were timid about direct communication, especially in regards to conflict. This demonstrated the importance of speaking openly and, when combined with ‘Yes, And.. (SOLER)’ and ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’, gave them the confidence to do so.

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