Betting Blocks

  • 30 mins
  • Toy Building Bricks
  • teamwork, 
  • goal setting, 
  • productivity, 
  • agility

Teams find a balance between goals that are easily achievable and goals that help them grow.

I’ve got a 5-year-old at home, so any chance to play with a bit of Lego is great! Building some Lego towers, setting some goals and then seeing what we could stretch ourselves on to do better the second and third time around, I thought was really great fun and quite meaningful as well.


Every session is different. This game can open up discussion for numerous different outcomes; some takeaway message include:

  • Break it down
    • Staring a huge goal in the face can be intimidating, but when you break it down into short-term goals it’s easier to track your progress, measure your success, reflect between sprints, and adjust your end goal or your process to suit.
  • Strive for more
    • When teams feel confident, they get complacent. When we play this game, the teams that start out the best start to slow down and get beat out in the end. This game is a reminder to rise up against competition; whether that competition is another company or your own expectations of what’s possible.
Ask us about the other outcomes related to this game.

Case studies

Teamgage are a busy, growing, agile startup. We designed this game especially for them to help with the feeling of workload overwhelm. Examining their approach to the game led them to think about how to better structure their internal processes so that they can reach their big, hairy, audacious goals!

See full case study >

Optus are all about being brave and curious. We played Betting Blocks with their frontline teams to challenge them to see what was possible, risk failure and really stretch themselves. We were amazed at how close one team’s tower almost got to the roof!

See full case study >

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