Frequently Asked Questions

Why Team Building Games?

Improve Skills & Practice Innovation.

Games enable teams to rehearse skills in communication, leadership & problem solving. Creativity isn’t a natural talent; it’s a skill that must be practiced. Stretching your imagination is difficult to do with deadlines and consequences; games help to exercise your innovation.

New Tools for New Ideas.

Games allow people to test audacious ideas in a risk-free environment. Problems that are difficult to overcome in real life become a fun challenge in a game scenario. Games give your team the tools they need to switch their mindset when a problem seems insurmountable.

Closer Teams Work Better Together.

Games help to create a culture of trust and joviality. Members of a close-knit team bring their problems to one another early and deal with them in a positive way, rather than letting them fester. When people are committed to teamwork, the workplace operates more smoothly, problems are resolved more quickly, conflict is less likely to turn toxic, and output is greater.

Better Employee Retention

Workplace culture is one of the top 3 reasons employees choose a new job. Keep your staff engaged and maintain your reputation as a great place to work.

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Because every team is different, they all have different questions. A one-to-one chat is the best way to answer yours.

Here are some of the questions that seem to be universal:

  • What size groups can you cater to?
    • An ideal group size is 12-25, but we can run sessions for groups anywhere between 6 to 50 people. For larger groups, we can run back-to-back or concurrent sessions. Get in touch to find out if we can cater to your group.
  • Can you train our in-house facilitators to use your games?
    • Absolutely! We’d love to discuss how we can assist your full-time trainers in helping your team.
  • Do you sell any of your games?
    • We’re currently developing several of our games for self-guided use and would love businesses to test them with. Let us know which ones you’re interested in.
  • Do you operate outside of Adelaide?
    • We currently service teams in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and rural South Australia. If you’d like to see us elsewhere, let us know!
  • How much notice do you need for a session?
    • We’re an agile team and are capable of designing brand new games rapidly. Ideally we like to have a month to nut out all the details, but we have run sessions before with only a few days’ notice.
  • Are your games accessible for everyone?
    • We like to ensure that all participants feel involved in our sessions. We’d love to talk about the unique abilities of your team members and make sure everyone can have fun and engage.
  • How long does a session take?
    • Our icebreakers can be as short as 10 minutes. For genuine team building or capability development, we recommend at least 2 hours for an initial session. Depending on the outcomes you’re looking for, sessions can run up to a full day.
  • Can we book you as part of a larger event?
    • We love adding our games to a team’s serious activities. Our sessions fit in perfectly with strategy days or as part of regular team meetings.
  • Are any of your games re-playable?
    • Most of our games have extension options to help teams dive deeper into concepts once they’ve learnt the basics. We highly recommend multiple sessions to solidify the lessons in participants’ minds.
  • But... i still don’t get how it works?
    • No problem! You can check out how our system works or simply get in touch to learn more. We’d love to hear from you!
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