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Uni SA’s People, Talent and Culture team are a super thoughtful bunch of people. The group we worked with came into the session, ready to learn. Little did they know, that they would be in for a tonne of fun!

This session was focused on conflict resolution. We used games to explore the messages we send beneath our words and to take a deeper look into our behaviour and our thoughts during conflict situations.

This session was unanimously agreed to be more engaging than participants’ previous team building experiences.

Sounds like your team?



Bored with ice breakers and team building initiatives that seemed to have been designed no later than mid last century? Well I am. And I’m over them.

Then I tried Culture Team. It was fun, it was edgy but most importantly it felt fresh and new and people loved it.

If you want to try an experience that seems both authentic and unique, give Culture Team a try, and join your colleagues in feeling the joy.

  • Greg Giles, Associate Director of People Development & Performance

Participant Feedback

Usually you’re thrown into meetings and you don’t have time to discuss properly, and i think, this sort of thing shows, that if you do have that time to discuss with other people and listen to their viewpoints, you actually come up with better outcomes.
I loved that there was no brainstorming with a whiteboard
Team bonding when it’s forced is just like ‘uuuuuuuughhhhh’, whereas this, you kind of forget that you’re trying to bond, but you do it anyway.
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