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Melissa teaches the Graduate Career Readiness Course at The University of Adelaide. She often uses team building at the start of a semester to quickly bring the students together and gain an understanding of the process of teamwork. For it to be fun is a bonus, but it’s really important that it feels purposeful for the students, so that they can learn the importance of these interpersonal skills for their future careers and explore how to develop them.

As well as providing a basis for teamwork, we would enhance the interpersonal capabilities that would be most valuable in the workplace, namely; communication, collaborative problem solving & conflict resolution.

We developed a 3-hour session, consisting of nine games. Each game explored one or more of the essential interpersonal skills. After establishing trust, enthusiasm and a good basis for communication, the students delved into some more difficult games themed around problem solving and conflict resolution.

Sounds like your team?



Culture Team really worked with me to ensure the activity met the particular needs of the group.

Responsive to emails, great at following-up and checking that everything is on schedule – I never had to worry at any stage due to their open communication and responsiveness.

Students reported it was the most fun they have had engaging in team games. This is important to me as, while necessary, team games are often met with a groan, not the case with the Culture Team activities.

  • Melissa Connor, Academic Director Work Integrated Learning

Participant Feedback

We only just met today and I feel a lot more comfortable and am looking forward to returning to class tomorrow.
The improv games really took me out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed it too. It’ll help me participate in things in real life that I’m not confident in.
It would be good in first year so people work better in assignment groups.
It’s made me consciously acknowledge my thought behaviour and attitude when communicating with others and inspired me to be more enthusiastic and attentive in class activities.
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