Uni SA Careers & Student Engagement

Uni SA’s Student Engagement team run a variety of leadership development programs for students. They offer a range of self-development workshops, both for students enrolled in a leadership program and for those looking for something short and specific to help them with their career.

We delivered a session to help students improve their communication skills. Students learnt to communicate effectively, work in a team environment and develop skills to better understand the people they interact with.

Sounds like your team?



Kelly and Jeff from Culture Team delivered energetic game-based workshops as part of our student self-development programs. The games were well planned and executed and the enthusiasm of the facilitators added to the overall experience for the students. These workshops would be ideal during orientation or for activation activities where you’re looking to energise students or emphasise wellbeing.

  • Rosslyn Cox, Coordinator Student Leadership

Participant Feedback

It’s not the stereotypical workshops where we listen only. It’s interactive and fun!
I liked the role playing of Hidden Agendas. It really helped me to see how our assumptions effect communication.
I’m definitely going to work harder at noticing my own body language when communicating.
I love the friendliness. Non-judgemental atmosphere was great.
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