Teamgage run an employee engagement platform that encourages continuous improvement, pushed from all levels of an organisation. They’re a startup understands the value of good team culture, and they have the tools to measure it. Their rapid growth meant that everyone was stretching themselves to maximum capacity.

While we couldn’t reduce the actual workload of the team, we aimed to create a sense of achievement and success related to that work, rather than busyness and overwhelm. We designed the game, Betting Blocks to practice focus and evaluate the benefits of sprints. We also adapted Happy Salmon to explore new ideas in productivity.

Sounds like your team?



I didn’t know what to expect coming into today. We played a number of different games and they were all a lot of fun. There was lots of laughing and joking, but also some moments where we were all intensely concentrating to achieve things together. It was a lot of fun and I think there were some really nice takeaways for our team. Thinking about how they apply to us in our workplace environment was really helpful.

The games related to what we do on a day-to-do basis, but in a way that’s not boring! It was really good fun.

  • Noelle Smit, COO & Ben Smit, CEO

Participant Feedback

I like the way the debrief happened at the end to talk about what we could get out of the game to refer it to real life.
I liked that we just dove straight into the session and didn’t have the awkward intros at the start.
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