RSPCA SA’s Inspection and Rescue team is really two discreet teams formed into one. Half of the team confront animal abusers on a day-to-day basis, while the other half work to re-home animals. As one would expect, it takes very different dispositions for each of these roles.

The goal for our session was to give team members a sense of togetherness, to help bond them as individuals and friends, and erode the divide between the distinct roles.

Sounds like your team?



We’ve got two separate teams who work as a big team, but they’re quite individual, so we wanted something that really brought them all together as one group. It was exciting to see how everyone got into the spirit of it and really just engaged with each other! It was a great afternoon!

  • Andrea Lewis, Chief Inspector RSPCA SA

Participant Feedback

We now want to focus on being more openminded and accepting.
We work well as a team.
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