The Adelaide team has consistently topped Optus’ national employee engagement scores. With a strong desire for good workplace culture and a structure in which to achieve it, working with this team is an absolute pleasure!

We were invited to put on back-to-back sessions for 120 frontline Mobile Service staff. The aim was to have fun, celebrate the company’s culture and instil value-based behaviours through experience with games.

Sounds like your team?



The opportunity for a short event within the office was really attractive to me. I was excited to be able to show my team that the office can be a place for fun - and it really was fun! I was on the floor laughing within the first ten minutes!

The message of valuing everybody’s input was clear to the whole team and everyone came away feeling energised. I can see a lot of opportunities for short sessions like these fitting in where we would normally have a team meeting. Thank you again for an awesome event!

  • Kylie Bailey, Associate Director of Mobile Service

Straight away from the onset, there were some laughs with Happy Salmon, a bit of that competitive spirit coming out - and then the messages of what it actually means to make it relatable to what we do day-to-day came straight through as well - without overdoing it. We really had the right balance of team building, a bit of fun, but something meaningful we can take back to our personal and work lives. I think it adds a lot of value to take that time out of the day. Everyone’s as busy as they’ve ever been, so being able to go into a room and have a bit of fun, do something that breaks up the day and brings teams together is hugely valuable.

  • Jarrod Fehlmann, Service Delivery Manager

Participant Feedback

Highly energising, great experience
It was great having a laugh with colleagues
We definitely created connections that I wouldn’t have normally
To come in with no expectations and just drop all of that and just connect is really cool!
If we could do something like this on a regular basis, that’d be awesome
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