Office for Digital Government

The Office for Digital Government invited us to be a part of their strategic planning day. Once they’d learnt that we were able to slip into a quick meeting at short notice, we collaborated on a very meaningful set of outcomes.

ODG’s teams were required to pitch the value proposition of the business during the strategy day. In preparation for this pitch, Culture Team would get them in the mindset to approach the question; ‘What is the purpose of the unit?’, among others. Then, on the actual day, Culture Team would run a second session, focused on team bonding.

We customised ‘Playdough and Mime’ to take the teams on a journey through the user’s eyes, enabling them to reach a conclusion on the value proposition, from the user’s perspective. The exercise was so successful that the team, being agile, decided that continuing with the planned pitches would be superfluous.

Rejoining the team a couple of days later to slip seamlessly into their strategy day felt like rejoining friends.

Sounds like your team?


Playdough Journey

Adapted from ‘Playdough & Mime’, teams explored the story of a particular character and the way they interacted with government services. From there, they examined the core needs of that user and then presented the unit’s value proposition with graphical and verbal components. This game is a great introduction to design thinking, for those unfamiliar with the principles and processes.


We weren’t exactly sure what we wanted. During our initial meeting with you, we were still figuring out the planning aspects of the session. We appreciated how you listened and engaged in the conversation. We had some vague ideas of how we envisaged things playing out but looked to you for experience and you certainly delivered. You understood what we wanted to achieve by responding with a tailored offering of your services that specifically met our needs. We recognised that we had left much of our planning to the last minute, however, you worked with a sense of urgency and were very flexible.

On the day, the team were expecting the usual team building; some were apprehensive and even opposed to participating. You quickly won the team over and had everyone quickly engaged in the exercises. It appealed to introverts and extroverts, and even those opposed couldn’t stop talking about the experience positively after.

Your engagement in our planning day really offered a noticeable difference in how the team engaged with the remainder of the planning session. They were upbeat, focussed and actively participating until the end of the day.

The option of engaging you just for a session, worked really well and part of the positive experience was that you came in, ran the session and left. It was seamless and super-efficient.

  • Tina Ferguson, Head of Digital Services Capability and Chloe Harrison, Project Officer

Participant Feedback

Both sessions were good fun and relevant to our work.
Awesome fun and so many team insights. Thank you.
Great exercise. Really engaged everyone in the team.
Loved it! It’s okay to fail. Really relevant to the workplace.
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