Lifetime Support Authority

The Lifetime Support Authority provides treatment, care and support for people who have sustained very serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of fault. The team has scaled tremendously fast and, with a commitment to culture, they wanted to ensure that employee engagement, happiness and teamwork would scale at an equivalent speed.

We stepped in to help create a sense of togetherness and put focus on the importance of looking after one another.

Sounds like your team?



The team's feedback about the session was overwhelmingly positive.

We were able to hear Jeff and Kelly's observations about our high-performing teams while they were with us. It was interesting to get an outsider's expert perspective.

People particularly liked the bomb game as it aligned with LSA's focus on technology. The general consensus was that it wasn't like any team building they had done before.

  • Megan Taylor, Manager of Planning and Strategy

Participant Feedback

Everything can be fun when you bring the right attitude. Be open to learning and respect different skills.
It’s nice to work with others we don’t get to normally work with.
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