Her Future Moves

Jemma Martin is passionate about making professional development accessible and affordable for every woman. She maintains an engaged and inclusive community where women can lift each other up. She also runs workshops and events so that women who work, women with kids, women who don’t get PD in their jobs, and women on low incomes, can improve themselves and build the skills to progress their careers. We are big fans of Her Future Moves and what it stands for.

We ran a workshop for the Her Future Moves community, focused on critical thinking. The aim was to get participants feeling comfortable to think effectively, differently, and confidently, as well as giving them some tools to handle conflict.

Sounds like your team?



I discussed the desired outcomes for the Critical Thinking Workshop with Kelly and Jeff, who were really creative, with fresh ideas. They brought something new to the table that I couldn’t bring myself.

All the activities drew on different skills, such as communication, problem solving, reasoning and analytical skills. With every game, participants discovered something new about themselves and their abilities - it was really interesting!

Participants in our session came from very different backgrounds. The variety of activities gave a chance for everyone to develop their individual skills. It was really fun and we all took something different away.

  • Jemma Martin, Founder

Participant Feedback

I really enjoyed it, which surprised me!
I stepped out of my comfort zone today to help with my future; my future employment, my future self, and it’s the best thing I ever did.
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