This particular team at AAMI in Adelaide had only been established for 18 months. Some people had worked together for a long time, while other people were fairly new. The majority of the group are claims managers, who help customers directly. They all rely on sharing knowledge, giving each other advice and solving problems collaboratively.

We built a session around teamwork and collaboration, with a goal to help everyone get to know each other better and have some fun.

Sounds like your team?


Fake Nametags

It’s nice to get to know one another, but can be a little awkward when you feel like you should already know someone’s name. In this game, we give participants the opportunity to introduce themselves - or - the fictional character they’ve decided to be today. It’s a lighthearted way to give everyone in the room a name and a voice.

Room Race

This team rotates desks every week, which can be tedious for some. We created a game to help them turn a boring task into a game to boost their energy and productivity. We turned the room layout into a puzzle and had teams race to put their furniture back into place. We then challenged them to come up with their own way to gamify a mundane task.


Our team’s still fairly new, so we asked Culture Team to run a session to help people get to know each other better. Because our work requires everyone to share knowledge, they offered a set of games focused on trust, communication and teamwork.

They ran the session in one of our meeting rooms so we didn’t lose any time on staff getting to and from the event. Starting out with small groups and play dough allowed the staff to be silly and really let their guard down. Even the people who I thought mightn’t engage got into it! It was great to see everyone participate, communicate and rely on one-another.

Culture Team gave everyone secret challenge cards to take away with them. Now the cards are regularly swapped and staff are maintaining the spirit of fun.

  • Sophie Miller, AAMI

Participant Feedback

I never get the chance to play with play dough so it was a great chance. Also, I loved being silly with my coworkers in a smaller table setting.
I can apply this experience to finding solutions to customer enquiries and communicating more clearly
I was apprehensive to start with. After the session I felt very happy and cheerful - it definitely brightened up my mood
I adopted a more positive mindset following the session
I was happy seeing everyone participate, communicate and rely on one-another.
I completed my secret challenge! I also saw another that I wanted to do. We have been swapping cards.
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