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Culture Team is on a mission to infect every individual with a team mindset. Considering others, being mindful of our impact and intentional in our influence, and sharing openly are at the core of a team mindset. When individuals operate within a team, we help each other. We feel less isolated, less helpless.

At Culture Team, we design and facilitate team building and capability development experiences. Our experiences centre on gameplay.

People can test audacious ideas in a risk-free environment when it’s in the context of play. Problems that are difficult to overcome in real life become a fun challenge in a game scenario and give people the tools they need to switch their mindset when a problem seems insurmountable.

Play helps to create a culture of trust and joviality among players, helping teams to bring their problems to one another early and deal with them in a positive way, rather than letting them fester.

We believe in challenging ourselves and others to expand the concept of who is on our team to embrace the wider, global community. If everyone adopts a team mentality, we can overcome much more complex problems.

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